Contribute to the PandaDoc Blog

Contribute to the PandaDoc Blog

Thank you for your interest in contributing content to the PandaDoc Blog!

Your guest contribution will add value to our blog through the knowledge, experience, and insights you bring from your area of expertise. We’re looking for fresh ideas and original copy centered around sales and marketing thought-leadership topics full of tips and tricks that our readers can put to good use.

Our Audience

Our audience consists of sales, marketing, procurement, legal, IT/operations, HR, product, and customer support professionals. While there’s something for everyone on the blog, your blog should target a specific audience.

Your guest post should focus on how you can educate your target audience on topics like sales enablement, sales leadership, sales and marketing alignment, marketing and sales tech stacks/integrations, and productivity guides.

General Guidelines

  • A minimum of 1,000 (non-promotional) words submitted in an editable Google Doc
  • Include your author bio and headshot
  • Do NOT include any images within your article
  • Your blog must be centered around at least one target keyword
  • Your blog must include a minimum of 4 links to additional resources, 2 of which link to other PandaDoc blogs, educational content, etc. 
  • Your blog must be unique, original, and insightful content that has not been published before and will not be republished on any other platforms due to the risk of a duplicate content penalty from Google
  • PandaDoc reserves the right to make final edits

Notes on Approval and Publication: 

Failure to comply with the guidelines above will lead to the rejection of your article. Our editor will review and reserves the right to edit your article before publication. 

If your article is accepted by our editor, you’ll be provided with a publication date estimate via email within 3-4 days. 

Please refrain from sending us more than 1 follow up email. We are currently experiencing an influx of submissions, so please be patient as we review your pitch and get back to you. 

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