The complete list of sales collaboration tools

There has long been a persistent focus on driving individual success among sales teams with competitiveness, rewards, and company-wide recognition. But in reality, collaboration may be the key to unlocking success in the sales industry. According to CSO’s 2015 Sales Enablement Optimization Study, sales team collaboration drives a higher level of success in business.

However, understanding how collaboration can drive sales success and implementing it are two different things. To foster a culture of collaboration, organizations need the right tools to empower their teams to work together. Get started with this comprehensive list of collaboration tools, from project management to enterprise collaboration software, to bring your team together.

Project management

1. Asana

Price: Free to $9.99 per user, per month

Facebook alumni Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein were looking for a tool that helped with collaboration and were surprised nothing existed. They decided there must be a better way than long email chains and decided to build what is now Asana. The app streamlines projects into different task, and features an activity feed, automatic updates that go straight to your inbox, and the ability to assign and unassign tasks.

2. daPulse

Price: $25 to $118 per user, per month, minimum 5 users

dapulse is a web and mobile app designed to help teams collaborate and build transparency in the workplace. The SaaS platform is an intuitive and efficient way to manage workplace operations. dapulse’s product structure is simple and flexible enough to meet the needs of just two people working together, as well as vastly complex workplace operations of thousands. It amalgamates all team communications into one hub. The platform can be customized to suit any team’s work process spanning different departments, time zones, and business verticals. dapulse is currently used by over 15,000 teams across 136 countries.

3. Hive

Price: Call to request a quote

Hive is a project management platform for teams. In one simple dashboard, teams have everything they need to accomplish their goals. Manage a to-do list. Check on project progress. Chat with colleagues. Get updates from CRM. With over 100+ integrations available, it creates a truly tailored hub for your work.

4. Podio

Price: $9 and up

Podio takes all of the moving pieces of business communication, from email to instant messenger to a shared document server, and puts it together in one tool. Teams can set up tables and dynamic boards with the option to create reports to stay up to date on a project’s process. Podio also integrates with apps like Zendesk, Dropbox, Freshbooks, and GoToMeeting.

5. Slack

Price: $0 to $12.50 per user, per month

Known for a robust messaging platform, Slack makes it easy to set up communication channels to manage projects. Teams can add images and files, keep tabs on what’s going on in a project and launch video calls right from the app. It’s a complex tool in an intuitive and easy-to-use package.

6. SmartSheet

Price: $14 to $25 per user, per month

Smartsheet automates collaborative work on complex projects or specific tasks. Some of its features include file sharing options, calendars, Gantt Charts, and reporting. There’s also Google Apps integration with SalesForce, Zapier, Skype for Business, Microsoft Flow and others.

7. Trello

Price: $0 to $20.83 per user, per month

The Trello collaboration tool is a visual learner’s dream that sets up job cards so users can move tasks from list to list easily. Teams use Trello to create a visual board of their projects by attaching charts, images, and documents. Users can dig into the files and information as needed, but Trello is designed for users to be able to glance at the job cards to instantly see what’s going on.

8. Wimi

Price: $12 per user, per month

Wimi uses messaging channels and video conferencing features to keep teams organized. Groups can share files, grant access only to team members who need to be involved in the collaboration process and manage tasks in real time. Wimi also offers free webinars to help users learn how to start building their own project management system.

9. Wrike

Price: $0 to $10 per user, per month

Wrike helps streamline projects with visualization and time tracking tools. Users can create and delegate tasks and chart out plans on a Gantt chart. Wrike can also help reduce time spent on managing tasks by automating recurring tasks and projects.

Team Collaboration

1. Confluence

Price: $10 each for up to 10 users per month; $5 each for 11 to 100 users per month

Confluence makes it easy to create documents, import diagrams, and work in spreadsheets. Users can also add feedback in context to the job with inline page and file comments. And if you get lost on which file version you’re working on, just use the tracking feature to see the changes you and your teammates made to a page.

2. Goodwerp

Price: $29 to $129 per user, per month

Goodwerp manages everything from project management to finances and is designed with creative agencies, design teams and consultants in mind. Users can also track the productivity of their teams and prioritize deadlines. When a project is done, teams can email invoices directly created from time billed.

3. Huddle

Price: $20 per user, per month and up

Huddle created a project management system for government and enterprise. Teams create cloud-based workspaces to collaborate with both teams and clients. Huddle also integrates easily with Microsoft Office and Google for Work apps.

4. Nutshell

Price: $19 to $69

Nutshell helps sales teams close more deals faster. Their award-winning customer relationship management platform is the perfect blend of easy and powerful and was named one of the “Most Affordable and User-Friendly” CRMs by leading software review site Capterra. From their fully customizable sales process and team collaboration features to our 100% free customer support from real human beings, Nutshell provides sales teams with everything they need to increase revenue and build stronger relationships, without the need for extensive training. If you need a CRM that works how you work, you need Nutshell.

5. Pipedrive

Price: $10 to $63 per user, per month

Pipedrive is a sales management tool built for salespeople by salespeople. Used by more than 50,000 sales teams around the world, it helps users to see the big picture, then gives step-by-step guidance to keep everyone focused on the activities that drive deals to close. It’s simple to get started, but powerful enough to adapt to any sales process and work in conjunction with all your other tools.

6. Quip

Price: $30 per month for a team of 5; $10 per month for each additional user

Quip creates a central place for teams to communicate and share documents in a fluid workflow. Users can create lists, tasks, spreadsheets or tag mentions keeping team members on task. There’s also a handy spreadsheet that manages your data without the static grids and clunky interface.

7. Samepage

Price: $0 to $7 per user, per month

Sales managers across the globe use Samepage to manage and collaborate with their teams. Sales executives use Samepage to work with clients more securely. Samepage’s extremely flexible collaborative core allows sales teams to share information, files, tasks, schedules, conversations, and much more, in real time from any device. Samepage can also automatically use updates in external tools like SalesForce to create actionable tasks, comments, or pages to consolidate further the assets and information sales teams need to produce results.

8. Vanilla Soft

Price: $80 per user, per month

The VanillaSoft sales CRM system goes beyond managing lists of customer data and streamlines administrative efforts to keep your workflows automated. Teams can also tap into email marketing and nurturing and use an auto dialing and call recording feature to help keep track of client calls and meetings.

9. Workplace By Facebook

Price: (Introductory offer) Up to $3 per user for the first 1,000 active users

Facebook has entered the project management game with Workplace by Facebook. The app relies on a similar interface as Facebook, making it intuitive and easy to collaborate and stay on task. There’s also a Live Video feature to connect your business to a single broadcast from the camera on your computer or mobile device. Facebook’s bots can also send out automated alerts and take care of repetitive tasks.

Enterprise collaboration software

1. bpm’online

Price: $25 to $50 per user, per month

Bpm’online sales provides sales teams with intelligent tools designed to streamline processes across the complete sales cycle, starting from lead generation to closure and repeat sales. The system also offers tools to enable more effective collaboration and instant data sharing across the organization. In addition to out-of-the-box best practice sales processes, with bpm’online’s low-code platform, sales professionals with no technical skills can swiftly design, execute and optimize sales processes. Customers can also leverage award-winning marketing and service functionality – all on a single platform which allows organizations to keep track of the entire customer journey and effectively collaborate between departments.

2. Chatter (Salesforce)

Price: $0 to $15 per month, per app and per user

Salesforce’s Chatter tool is the world’s #1 enterprise social network. It features a cloud-based customer relationship management interface where employees can follow along with team members to share documents and files. Teams can set up a space through Chatter to collaborate on sales opportunities and tasks in real-time.

3. Cisco

Price: Call to request a quote

Cisco provides collaborative technology to improve productivity. It helps unify voice, video data, and mobile applications to simplify everything from conferencing to customer care. It also provides technology to stay connected through IP phones and desktop clients to keep projects running smoothly.

4. SAP Jam

Price: Call to request a quote

SAP Jam Collaboration is SAP’s enterprise collaboration platform and adds the human element to business transformation and any business process. Sales organizations benefit from SAP Jam either as a standalone collaboration solution or integrated with their CRM and/or their ERP system. For standalone, sales people can find and discover subject matter experts from across the company that can help them with their deals, share information, provide recommendations on products and services to pitch to customers and strategize on the deal. SAP Jam can also help aid training programs by providing a central place to ask questions or share expertise, as well as create SAP Jam groups for quick collaboration.

Collaborative task manager


Price: $0 to $2.99 per user, per month helps keep lists organized and simple to update. The app also offers an assistant to take care of tasks so you can focus on your projects instead of tedious details. can also set up timed and location-based reminders so you can make your deadlines and meetings.

2. ClinchPad

Price: $9 to $99 per user, per month

Although ClinchPad has features like reporting and lead archival, it also has a to-do list that can easily be dragged and dropped to help you keep track of what’s going on in your day. Make notes about your leads and what to do next to close more leads. There’s also a handy lead feature so you can beef up your sales pipeline and work towards increasing revenues.

3. Evernote for Business

Price: $12 per user, per month

Evernote Business is the fastest way to turn your ideas into action. Enabling individuals and teams to capture, organize, find and share ideas in any form, on any internet connected device, forever.  The Evernote app is available across platforms on desktop, mobile, or on the web, meaning your ideas are always with you, always accessible, and always in sync. Evernote believes that no idea is too big to manage or too small to matter and builds a service to help their users accomplish more.

4. Flow

Price: $53 per month for 6 people and up

Flow has several features, from Kanban boards for visualized project management, to task organization. Its task lists give teams a simple breakdown of what everyone is working on. Organize it by owner, due date or Kanban section.

5. TeamWox

Price: Starting at $15 per month

TeamWox collaborative features include electronic document flow, free VOIP telephony, and automated reports. They also offer a Task List that can be organized with due date and filters. Groups can view the tasks, add notes and close tasks as needed.

6. Wunderlist

Price: $0 to $4.99 per user, per month

Wunderlist centralizes communication and unlimited use of collaboration features. Users can create shared lists, due dates and add notes. Wunderlist also makes it easy to organize tasks and projects with folders and reminders to make sure to-do’s get done.

7. Zapty

Price: $0 to $99 per user, per month

Zapty’s comprehensive project management tool comes with a to-do list feature to cut down the clutter and keep teams organized. Set up shared tasks and keep projects moving along. Zapty also connects and syncs with apps like Dropbox so you can grab assets you need to stay on task.

Knowledge sharing platform

1. BloomFire

Price: $9 and up

Bloomfire centralizes your content so that every member of your organization is empowered to find information, quickly. The easy-to-use, cloud-based knowledge-sharing platform allows sales teams to access information no matter their location or device, meaning teams are spending less time searching for the information they need to be successful at their jobs. With Bloomfire, quickly find the content you need with Google-like search, share best practices with coworkers, onboard new reps faster, engage prospects and track engagement, and easily integrate with Salesforce.

2. BoostHQ

Price: $0 to $49 per user, per month

Boost streamlines team knowledge with easy file sharing with Google Doc integration. The app is fully responsive to simplify uploading documents and videos or other assets. There’s also advanced file organization so you can categorize your content into appropriate groups to make it easy to share files and knowledge.

3. Gluu

Price: $5 to $25 per user, per month

Without a clear understanding of how systems, instructions, and people connect, your sales team becomes very hard to scale. This is where Gluu comes in. Gluu makes any business process easier to understand, execute and improve. The integrated platform includes tools for mapping process flows, work instructions, automatic tasks, forms, and discussions. With Gluu, you can easily connect people, systems, and instructions for faster onboarding and faster learning.

4. PostWire

Price: From $35 per user per month, up to $2,000 per month for large teams

Postwire provides a place to keep prospects engaged beyond typical client email, calls and meetings. Users can upload videos, articles, and notes to stay in touch with clients and provide more value to the relationship. The tool works as a base to curate and store materials and resources that matter to your clients.

Social software solutions

1. Axero Solutions

Price: $10 per user, per month

Axero creates shared spaces in Communifire to create visual Gantt charts and spreadsheets. The tool helps break reliance on email and dismantles silos to create more transparency throughout your organization. Axero helps turn businesses into communication hubs to create a robust knowledge base.

2. GaggleAmp

Price: Call to request a quote

Using GaggleAMP, sales teams can distribute their content and build thought leadership among their networks by leveraging the network potential of an individual employee, partner and reseller social accounts to reach new prospects. This is achieved by providing sales professionals with regular digital activities to act on. They can easily populate their own social media networks with well-crafted content from the company and participate in suggested digital engagement campaigns through GaggleAMP’s easy and fun solution. GaggleAMP is also available on the Salesforce AppExchange for even easier participation.

3. Igloo

Price: $8 and up per user, per month

Igloo recognizes that workers are now spread out, working in the field or remotely, and that leads to communication silos. Igloo helps unify third-party applications to quickly access information, whether through Office 365 or Dropbox. The tools and apps working together help bridge the distance between employees working in different locations.

Video and meeting solutions

1. Adobe Connect

Price: Call to request a quote

Adobe Connect offers web conferencing software that enables teams to experience more immersive collaboration. Teams can set up webinars to run both internal and client-facing meetings. Adobe Connect works across multiple devices and features recording and editing tools to store the meetings and conversations that you need most.

2. Blackboard

Price: Call for pricing

Blackboard’s collaboration platform gives teams flexibility to set up virtual classrooms and real-time conversations. It’s an ideal tool for companies that want to go beyond video and conference collaboration and turn meetings into engaged educational opportunities. Although Blackboard is widely used by government and educational organizations, they also help multiple industries.

3. Highfive

Price: $99 to $329 per month / room

Highfive is a simple and sleek video conferencing tool with all the professional features like an HD camera and 4 microphones. Users can also set up screen sharing to make presentations from their computers through HD video capability. Teams can use Highfive for unlimited meetings with no per-user fees to keep costs down for multiple video conferences.

4. HipChat

Price: Free

HipChat offers a group chat, video chat, and screen sharing option that works both for small teams and enterprises looking to scale. Integrate apps like Zapier, Giphy and Microsoft Office 365 to work through projects over video and conference calls in real time. HipChat even integrates with project management tools on this list like Trello.


Price: $18 to $30 per user, per month

Teams can host free meetings with, launch webinars and share screens with other users to keep projects on task. also offers a toll-free option to extend to clients, so they’re not footing long distance bills to join a call. You can also send guests a request to quickly schedule meetings online.

6. Onstream Meetings

Price: Starting at $49 per month

Onstream Meetings features live audio and video streaming options but also features screen sharing, messaging, and chat tools. It’s a comprehensive tool that’s appropriate for both small businesses and enterprises. Teams can use Onstream to run demos and training sessions or just launch a quick meeting.

7. Wisembly

Price: £79 to £399 per user, per month

Wisembly wants to go beyond providing communication tools and provide collaboration tools to help make meetings more productive. Users can engage meeting participants with Q&As, emojis and reaction options to engage while the meeting is going on. You can also send your team a survey during the meeting to take a vote on initiatives being discussed and collect ongoing feedback in real time.

8. Yugma

Price: $24.50 to $1599.50 a year

Yugma features meeting and webinar capabilities for small businesses and enterprises. Meeting participants can share applications on their screens to run sales presentations and share assets from their computers. There’s also a whiteboard feature with the ability to annotate and draw with freehand to highlight important points.

Database tools

1. AirTable

Price: $0 to $12 per user, per month

Airtable organizes all of your content, whether attachments, text notes or tables, in a visual medium. The idea is to eliminate the need for tedious spreadsheets and create easy-to-use databases instead. Users can drag and drop entries, add notes and prioritize tasks.

2. QuickBase

Price: $15 to $40 per user, per month

Quick Base helps sales teams better collaborate, track deals and manage pipeline. The result is better insights, faster response times and more efficient sales processes.

Quick Base is cloud platform that enables anyone to build highly-customized sales management apps without relying on IT.  Customers may use Quick Base as a CRM to accommodate their unique sales process or leverage Quick Base to fill in the gaps left behind by CRM suites.

For example, Micron Technology uses Quick Base to help sales people get approval for discounts in days rather than weeks – a process not supported by their core CRM system.

Shared inbox collaboration

1. Front

Price: $15 to $49 per user, per month

Front is the first inbox for teams that bring external communication and internal collaboration into one place. From emails to shared addresses like sales@ or contact@ to website chat, social media, and SMS, Front makes it easy for sales teams to simplify their workflows and move opportunities through the funnel faster. In-line comments and direct mentions, rule-based automation, and powerful integrations with CRMs like Salesforce help your team get more done and focus on what matters – your customers.

2. Keeping

Price: $15 to $49 per month

Keeping turns Gmail into a helpdesk without the need for an external help desk or tangle of inboxes. The tool also lets users collaborate with the ability to respond to support emails from their own mailbox. There’s also a handy feature to automatically answer repetitive questions by using possible responses sourced from previous answers.

File sharing and storage

1. OneHub

Price: From $29 for 3 users to $99.95 for 5 users per month

Store files in OneHub with quick drag-and-drop uploading and folder organization options. Teams can invite users into the workspace to work directly with files with the ability to grant and revoke access as needed. OneHub also features a communication system to post messages and send emails to collaborators.

2. Zoho Docs

Price: $0 to $8 per user, per month

Upload documents and manage spreadsheets and presentations for streamlined document management. Multi-level folder structuring helps teams stay productive and speeds up work processes. In addition to online file storage and organizational features, Zoho Docs also offers online collaboration and task management that turns the platform into a project management tool.

Did we miss a sales collaboration tool? Leave a link to your favorite in the comments below. 

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