Close to cash faster with commission-free payments

Close to cash faster with commission-free payments

Your customers can sign a document and make a credit card payment from any PandaDoc document. PandaDoc payments are powered by Stripe, the leading payments platform.

With payment automation, you can auto-generate invoices with full or partial payments and send reminders when a payment is due. With PandaDoc you can easily keep track of signatures and payment statuses in one place.

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Get $10,000 commission-free payments in 4 easy steps

Create and activate a Stripe account within PandaDoc to accept $10,000 in payments without processing fees. Hurry! This offer is limited to the first 250 customers only.

Step 1. Enable Payments in your account

Once you’re logged into your PandaDoc account go to your PandaDoc Workspace Settings and choose your Payments section. Select Stripe and click the Connect button. You will then see a new window to create a Stripe account.

Enable Stripe integration

Step 2. Create Stripe account from within PandaDoc

In the Stripe Connect flow, fill in the form with your information. Once you’re done, click “Authorize access to this account.” You will then see “Authentication successful.” Now you’ve created a new Stripe account and connected it to your PandaDoc account.

Fill in the form

Step 3. Activate your Stripe account

Make sure your payment account is activated by adding your bank account details. Only activated accounts can participate in the promo. Login to your Stripe account with the credentials you just created to ensure your account is activated.

Once the promo has been applied, waived fees will appear as a refund on each transaction in the statement section. The refunds are updated on a weekly basis so you will start to see the refunds the first Monday after you signed up.

Make sure your Stripe account is verified

Step 4. Add payments to your document

Lastly, add the payment block to your document. Simply open the document draft and drag-and-drop the payment block. Adjust the settings, and you’re ready to go.

Done! Now when your recipients sign their document, they will be able to pay online right away. And you can enjoy $10,000 payments without commission.

Any further questions? Read more in our help article or let our Support Team (support(at) know if you have any problems.


How do I set up a Stripe account?

Stripe is a payments platform that allows individuals and businesses to accept online and ACH payments. You only need a physical address and a bank account to activate a Stripe account, and once set up, you can start accepting payments from document recipients. Start creating a new Stripe account right within PandaDoc integration setup to participate in the promo.

Do I need to sign up with Stripe to accept payments in my documents?

Yes, you need a Stripe account to accept payments. Since PandaDoc is already integrated with Stripe, you can create and connect your new Stripe account to documents at the same time.

What payment methods can respondents use to pay?

Stripe allows you to accept all major credit cards as well as ACH payments. See the entire list of cards supported by Stripe.

Does PandaDoc store credit card information?

PandaDoc does not save or store credit card numbers submitted by doc recipients.

How do I know if I’ve received fee-free payments?

Once the promo has been applied, waived fees will appear as a refund on each transaction statement. Promos are updated on a weekly basis so you will start to see the refunds the first Monday after you sign-up.

Is there an expiration date for the promo?

The promo offer does not have an expiration date. But hurry! The promo is only available for the first 250 customers.

Can I connect my existing Stripe account to take advantage of the promo?

No. Only PandaDoc customers who create a new Stripe account from within the PandaDoc integration can participate in the promo.

My payments are in another currency. Are they eligible for the promo?

The promo applies to all card payments fees in any supported currency. This covers all 135 currencies supported worldwide.

Do I need a particular PandaDoc plan to accept payments?

No. The Stripe payments integration is available on all PandaDoc plans.

Have more questions?

For additional information about how Stripe handles payments and charges, please visit