Step up your customer experience game with the latest product updates

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Step up your customer experience game with the latest product updates

In this latest release, we’ve empowered you to provide a better customer experience, from the initial proposal, all the way through to the sale. Your customers can now take advantage of the new (and free!) recipient inbox to easily manage and access all documents associated with a deal.

We’ve also enabled flexible payment options, so your customers can use their preferred payment method to pay right after signing (and you can get paid faster!). And last but not least, we’ve made updates to some of your favorite integrations.

These new features are already available in PandaDoc, so just log in and start reaping the benefits!

What’s new in PandaDoc this month:

  1. Recipient Inbox with a free plan
  2. Multiple payment options in one document: PayPal and credit cards
  3. Salesforce integration updates
  4. Pipedrive integration updates
  5. Custom roles for Single-Sign-On (SSO)

Recipients can review and sign all deal documents in one place: their inbox

Modern buyers have plenty of options, but research shows that they often go with companies that deliver a great customer experience. With the new Recipient Inbox feature, it’s your turn to level up your customer experience for the delivery of your proposals, quotes, and contracts.

Your recipients will now have all their received documents consolidated into their PandaDoc Inbox. It’s an easy way for them to keep track of documents and quickly access anything from marketing collateral to quotes, proposals, or contracts. They can also create and store their eSignatures to save time during the signing process and keep on file for any future document signing needs.

Recipients can review and sign all deal documents in one place: their inbox

To enable their Recipient Inbox, your customers just need to sign up for a free recipient account with PandaDoc. The signup link will be displayed to your recipients after they complete their first PandaDoc document.

Get paid faster with multiple payment options from a single document

Offering customers multiple options for making payments simply makes good business sense. The easier it is to get paid, the better. On that note, we’re excited to announce that you can now add both PayPal and credit card payment options to your documents. Who doesn’t like options?

The Salesforce Lightning and PandaDoc relationship just got friendlier

We’ve got good news for Salesforce Lighting admins and users: We’ve made it much easier to set up and customize your PandaDoc integration. We’ve also enabled the ability to have a related document list and start new documents all from the same page. Now you can view your documents and create new docs from templates faster than ever. Fewer steps, faster doc creation, more time for… anything else.

For those of you who want to nerd out on the technical details, the new version 1.45 also has a simplified settings view (with 1 tab instead of 5) and more flexible mapping for both custom and standard objects.

Try the latest Salesforce integration version – now available for download in the Salesforce AppExchange.

The PandaDoc document listing in the Pipedrive App Panel (coming soon)

With the new native Pipedrive integration, you can generate and send eSignatures, proposals, quotes, and contracts without leaving your Pipedrive account.

With the upcoming release of Pipedrive App Panels, it’ll be even easier to work with deal-related documents. You’ll have immediate access to all documents via the document list in the PandaDoc module (in the App Panel on the left). It’ll also be easier to locate and view the PDF copies of signed documents: they’ll be under the Files tab instead of being posted to Notes.

Custom roles in SSO integration

We recently announced PandaDoc Single Sign-On (SSO) integrations for quick and easy user provisioning and maintenance via Active Directory, Okta, and OneLogin, and other custom solutions supporting SAML 2.0 protocol.

With SSO in place, admins can set up default mapping for roles in your IdP software and PandaDoc. With the latest release, you can set up default mapping for both standard and custom roles in order to support your organizational hierarchy across the tools. This gives admins more flexibility and security when enabling just-in-time provisioning.

All these features are already live – try them now by logging into your PandaDoc account. New to PandaDoc? Start a PandaDoc free 14-day trial to see how PandaDoc can help you close more deals.

Vik Kuushynau

Vik Kuushynau Head of Product at PandaDoc

Vik is the Head of Product at PandaDoc. He loves being a part of innovative products and ideas, passionate about finding the best product solution.

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