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The most exciting part of working in sales is closing a mutually beneficial deal that provides tons of value for your prospect and puts money in your pocket. Personally, my favorite moment is putting the finishing touches on a proposal or contract and hitting “Send.”

Mostly, proposals should be signed before you hang up the phone. But sometimes that’s not an option. If you or your prospect are not near a computer during the closing call, you can’t get a signature during the call.

After spending weeks or months working on a deal, sending the proposal can be stressful. Fortunately, there are a few simple tactics that will reduce the chance of your deal going cold during the proposal stage.

Identify all of the decision-makers

This is arguably the single most important step in the entire sales process. If you don’t know who is involved in the decision, you can’t anticipate objections or find additional opportunities to add value.

Failure to identify all of the decision makers and influencers with a stake in your deal is tantamount to gambling with your valuable time.

As you identify the people involved in your deal, add them to your CRM. When the time comes to send a proposal, you can import their information into PandaDoc in seconds.

The built-in analytics tools will show you who has viewed the proposal and how long they spent on each page. This information is valuable as you decide when to follow up.

Set a timeline, get a deadline

One of the most common reasons inexperienced salespeople struggle to close deals is because they fail to agree on a timeline with the prospect upfront. If you don’t know when the client wants to get a solution in place, then you have no idea how urgent the need is.

The best salespeople establish a timeline around the client’s goals early in the process and structure the deal around it.

Before sending a contract, you should ask, “When do you want to get started?” This is the same as, “When will you sign the contract?”

If the answer is not specific, then it’s too early to send a contract. Though there are exceptions, this is a good rule of thumb.

Follow up automatically using ToutApp

You identified the decision makers and agreed on a timeline, but they still haven’t signed. It’s tempting to assume that the deal is dead and move on. After all, they would have signed if they were really interested, right?

Not necessarily.

Remember that your prospect has a life, just like you. There are a million and one reasons why the may not have signed the document yet. Don’t assume anything.

First, check the document analytics to see if they’ve viewed the document yet. If so, have they spent some time reviewing each page? This is valuable information to have before calling or emailing to follow up.

By employing these simple tactics, you can significantly reduce the number of proposals that go unsigned.

Let us know your tips or recommended tools for getting your proposals viewed and signed quickly!

Taft Love

Taft Love

Taft is a SaaS sales professional and blogger in San Francisco. He likes to travel and spend time with his family in Sausalito, California.


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