The 12 best contract management software of 2020

The 12 best contract management software of 2020

Which contract management software will boost your close rate and save your team time? Systems that provide professional documents and seamless integration enable companies to stay compliant while increasing close rates by 40% or more. 

However, not all software is easy to use right out of the box. Plus, you may find that it’s not possible to integrate your contract software with current workflows.

Table of contents:

  1. PandaDoc
  2. Icertis Contract Management
  3. SpringCM
  5. ContractWorks
  6. Google Docs
  7. Concord
  8. Ironclad
  9. Apttus Contract Management
  10. Nintex
  11. Microsoft Word in Office 365

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of each service, then choose a provider that gives your organization the support you need. 

1. PandaDoc


PandaDoc is a complete digital document and management solution to automate your contract management process. The software includes built-in eSignatures and plenty of integrations. Contract templates and a content library prevent costly errors while in-document commenting and redlining improves workflows.

Price range: The cost ranges from $9 for individuals up to $49 for businesses.

Why choose PandaDoc: It’s an all-in-one solution for secure collaboration, management, and contract tracking. It’s a full contract lifecycle management solution that makes it easy to not only handle contract creation at scale but also for internal teams to manage contracts from contract automation to contract drafting and contract approval (before they’re delivered to clients) all the way to signature to payment. The flexibility of the platform means that it can support with almost any business process that requires document management and electronic signatures.

Main advantage on G2Crowd: The ability to upload nearly any type of contract documents, from Word to PDF. Users also appreciate that it’s user-friendly for both internal teams and external parties and acts as a contract repository for teams.

Main complaint on G2Crowd: Users suggest that there is a mild learning curve due to the full range of features that PandaDoc provides.

# of integrations: Countless, including 15 CRMs, accounting programs, and payment services. 

Support: Full support via phone, email, and online chat at any time of day.

2. Conga Contract Management


Conga offers two tools for contract management, including Conga Collaborate (formerly Octiv) and Conga Composer. The Conga Contract Management suite of tools help you save time, minimize risk, and manage your contacts in one spot. Plus, Conga offers pay-as-you-grow or end-to-end enterprise options.

Price range: Conga Collaborate pricing starts at $50 per user per month. 

Why choose Conga Contract Management: AI insights and simple step-by-step wizards make this software easy to use.

Main advantage on G2Crowd: Users like having all of their contacts in one convenient location. 

Main complaint on G2Crowd: Switching to this software can pose some technical problems and is time-consuming. 

# of integrations: Conga doesn’t list its integrations, they say,

“Conga’s technical services experts have a 100% proven track record of integrating with any application.”

Support: Their online system offers a live rep 24-hours a day although Conga Composer doesn’t provide email support like the alternative

3. Icertis Contract Management


Icertis Contract Management provides contract template and clause libraries to speed up processes using its cloud computing and storage system. The software also helps global companies ensure compliance with regulations like Europe’s GDPR. This highly functional tool for enterprises delivers a remarkable amount of information while maintaining your contracts. 

Price range: No pricing information on their website.

Why choose Icertis: Even complicated integrations are easy with the open Icertis API platform.

Main advantage on G2Crowd: Customers appreciate being able to access and manage their contracts in one place. 

Main complaint on G2Crowd: Administrators find it challenging to learn how to use the system to their advantage. 

# of integrations: While exact numbers of integrations aren’t given, the API framework allows tech teams to connect with any number of programs.

Support: Unlike the alternative contract management software options, Icertis doesn’t offer 24/7 support. Instead, you can only contact them online during business hours. 

4. SpringCM (acquired by DocuSign)


Suggested for companies with at least 250 employees, SpringCM (acquired by DocuSign) provides an affordable option for businesses. Customers can access their contract management tool online and via mobile devices. Plus, a variety of self-help options guide various workflows. 

Price range: From $40 to $80 per user per month.

Why choose SpringCM: Flexible options for businesses in a pattern of growth.

Main advantage on G2Crowd: Customers like how SpringCM makes collaboration easier. 

Main complaint on G2Crowd: Several users complain about a lag time or glitches where the user is logged out too soon. 

# of integrations: While its API helps with integrations, it offers one CRM connection compared to the 14 that the alternative to SpringCM provides. 

Support: Only provides support online during business hours.



Featuring native integration with Salesforce, helps organizations quickly create and send contracts. Its easy-to-use interface works for staff with various levels of tech training, ensuring that everyone on your team feels comfortable using the software. Also, administrators can pre-approve templates to ensure accuracy.

Price range: No pricing information on their website.

Why choose Automate proposal and contract process without leaving Salesforce. 

Main advantage on G2Crowd: Users appreciate the content library and document analytics. 

Main complaint on G2Crowd: The lack of a mobile application is the biggest disappointment. 

# of integrations: Unlike the alternative to, this software only features three integrations on their website: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Freshworks.

Support: Available online with a live representative 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

6. ContractWorks


ContractWorks offers industry-leading security, transparent pricing, and custom reporting. With document tagging, including their AI quick start tagging system, it’s easy to locate contracts and track action. This software prioritizes security and offers several backup options.

Price range: $600 to $800 a month for unlimited enterprise users.

Why choose ContractWorks: Provides smooth data migration and a transparent pricing model.

Main advantage on G2Crowd: Users find that this software makes it easy to run reports. 

Main complaint on G2Crowd: Larger organizations with multiple reviewers face problems because revisions aren’t possible. Instead, they need to restart the entire process. 

# of integrations: Although ContractWorks doesn’t mention integrations, you can connect with Salesforce for a one-time fee of $500.

Support: 24/7 customer support options.

7. Google Docs


Google Docs makes collaboration between team members easy but lacks the features that might categorize it as a full contract management system. Users can edit or add content to their proposal, from any device, without leaving the screen. Plus, you’ll find a range of customizable templates that fit your needs. 

Price range: Free or paid plan that ranges from $6 to $25 per user per month.

Why choose Google Docs: Its flexibility and easy adoption among staff.

Main advantage on G2Crowd: The ability to work remotely with team members on creating contracts.

Main complaint on G2Crowd: This tool doesn’t have the capabilities and reporting features available on enterprise contract management software.

# of integrations: Google Docs lists several recommended integrations like Asana, DocuSign, and Zoho Invoice. 

Support: Only G Suite administrators receive access to 24/7 support via phone, email, and online chat.

8. Concord


Concord makes compliance and negotiation simple with its contract management software. It offers features like the ability to track changes and have a discussion with stakeholders and reviewers inside the platform. Plus, users can see the status of all contracts to speed up the buying cycle. 

Price range: Prices range from $100 to $195 per creator per month plus $50 to $95 per collaborator per month. 

Why choose Concord: Users who need to create an audit trail choose Concord.

Main advantage on G2Crowd: Current users appreciate how the tagging system automatically gives departments access to specific documents. 

Main complaint on G2Crowd: A common complaint is a lack of analytics and reporting features. 

# of integrations: Concord only offers one CRM integration compared to the Concord alternative, which provides 15 integrations.

Support: Online, during business hours.

9. Ironclad


Ironclad is a contract management solution that helps legal teams automate workflows, generate reports, and process contracts with ease. The drag and drop user interface helps all stakeholders, even those without technical knowledge, use Ironclad. Also, you can preview and make changes without leaving the platform. 

Price range: No pricing information on their website.

Why choose Ironclad: Companies choose Ironclad to automate repetitive processes by their legal team. 

Main advantage on G2Crowd: The primary advantage of using Ironclad is that the automated workflows save legal departments time because contract language in templates requires less time in lawyer review. 

Main complaint on G2Crowd: Those without a legal background, such as a human resources team, may face issues with understanding how the workflows function. 

# of integrations: Although Ironclad provides a public API, it only offers one CRM integrations compared to 15 from the Ironclad alternative

Support: 24-hour support via a live representative.

10. Apttus Contract Management


Geared toward modern law departments, Apttus automates workflows using AI. This cloud-based solution offers mobile access and compliance tracking. Contract migration is simple with the Apttus Intelligent Import tool.

Price range: No pricing information on their website.

Why choose Apttus: The software helps you check older contracts for compliance and keep everything in one place. 

Main advantage on G2Crowd: A significant advantage of using this software is its full integration with Salesforce. 

Main complaint on G2Crowd: Current users voice concerns over the amount of time it takes when creating complex documents with specific legal clauses.

# of integrations: Apttus is similar alternative software providers because it integrates with most well-known CRM platforms and provides some payment integrations, such as Stripe. 

Support: The company offers 24/7 support.

11. Nintex


Nintex is a process management system first, and contract management comes second. This software makes it easy to develop and automate complex workflows within an organization. Plus, it’s easy to import high-resolution images into your documents.

Price range: Starts under $950 a month up to $1,300 a month. 

Why choose Nintex: Generate contracts from Salesforce or Microsoft Office 360.

Main advantage on G2Crowd: The main benefit of using Nintex is that it’s easy to learn the basics of use.

Main complaint on G2Crowd: Users suggest that the architecture feels clunky and is difficult to troubleshoot. 

# of integrations: Unlike the Nintex alternative, this company only integrates with one CRM.

Support: Online, during business hours. 

12. Microsoft Word in Office 365


Similar to Google Docs, Microsoft Word in Office 365 helps users create proposals, edit information, and insert data all within the platform. This feature comes standard with a Microsoft Office 365 subscription. 

Price range: Enterprise pricing starts at $12 per user per month and goes up to $35 per user per month. 

Why choose Microsoft Word: Convenient and familiar interface for most sales teams. 

Main advantage on G2Crowd: The main advantage of using Microsoft Word in Office 365 is that it’s easy for organizations that already use this software on a company-wide basis.

Main complaint on G2Crowd: The word processing software and doesn’t provide the capabilities that contract management software provides for managing your contract lifecycle or approval process, nor does it offer a dashboard for monitoring contract data.

# of integrations: Limited integrations.

Support: Administrators have access to 24/7 phone and web support with enterprise plans.

Whatever platform or tool set you choose to manage your contracts, make sure to start with a thorough analysis of your team’s requirements for features, integrations, and user experience. From there, it’ll make your search for the perfect contract management tool much easier since you’ll be able to evaluate each one on an objective basis. 

Don’t hesitate to try multiple tools’ demos so that you can compare one against another!


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