Your Sales Pipeline Is Broken: How Sales Automation Tools Can Help

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Your Sales Pipeline Is Broken: How Sales Automation Tools Can Help

Your Sales Pipeline Is Broken: How Sales Automation Tools Can Help

Sales automation tools help businesses take the sales process to the next level by automating repetitive tasks and integrating all key departments of the business involved in the selling process. The result is a streamlined sales process that improves productivity and engages customers and prospects in a personalized manner.

Sales Automation Tools: Improving Sales Productivity

Sales automation tools are the solution to helping sales teams meet revenue goals that are being set at least 20% higher than the previous year. One of the biggest challenges impacting sales teams is that only 32% of their sales reps’ time is spent selling and the remainder of their time is spent on admin tasks like updating CRM and looking for and creating content.

Sales automation tools free sales teams up from arduous, repetitive tasks like scheduling appointments, supplying follow-up content, customizing templates, and sending out updated proposals and leave them free to focus on selling.

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Key Benefits sales automation tools bring to business include:

Simplified customer management

Sales automation tools will store all your businesses account contact details in a centralized database, which anyone in the sales team can draw on. Appointments and follow-ups are also documented so should one sales rep become unavailable, a team member can ensure the sales and engagement process continues seamlessly.

A holistic view of accounts

Every client interaction from email contact to the last meeting is tracked. Sales reps can view a customer’s past history, the products they have purchased and see if they are ready to be approached with new information or solutions.

Personalized communication

Instead of having to manually segment customers based on their needs and preferences, sales automation tools create restrictions that automatically separate prospects from leads and established customers. Sales teams can customize the automated segmentation even further and ensure prospects and customers only receive content that is relevant to them.

Improved lead nurturing

Sales automation tools ensure you maintain contact with leads at all the critical touch points in the sales funnel. Once a prospect has made contact and becomes a lead, personalized email campaigns can be targeted directly at them to nurture them along the sales funnel. The automated system will even prompt sales reps and remind them when to reach out and schedule a time to contact them.

Streamlined quotes, proposals and orders

Sales automation tools empower sales teams by improving efficiency and boosting productivity with timesaving solutions like personalized templates for quotes, proposals, and contracts all populated with all the client’s details and branding.

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Increased mobility

Sales automation tools ensure sales teams have instant access to the latest reports, data and information about their leads when they are out of the office. Instead of having to call into the office, or wait until they return, all vital information about their customers and their prospects is immediately available at their fingertips enabling them to sell from anywhere.

Delivers detailed analysis

Sales teams need detailed analysis on what content is working efficiently. They need to know who viewed their documents, what aspect of the document their prospect spent the most time on, how long they spent reading the document, and how many times it was forwarded and opened. Sales automation tools generate accurate real-time reports, enabling sales team to see where they are achieving the best results.

PandaDoc: Bringing The Latest Sales Automation Tools To Sales Teams

In order for sales teams to be effective in 2017, they need the latest sales automation tools that manage sales content from start to finish. PandaDoc’s single platform provides an all-in-one solution that has helped clients increase productivity by up to 800% and cut document creation time by 50%.

The PandaDoc Partner Program is a sales partner program that helps sales consultancies and CRM Resellers go-to-market with automated sales content management integrations that have a measurable impact on their client’s sales content and productivity.

We offer our partners a high level of support that includes

  • Determining how sales automation tools and services fit within your current service offering
  • Helping you to evaluate client opportunities and to position your sales enablement service to meet the biggest market challenges to sales productivity
  • Providing templates to accelerate your clients’ time to market including marketing collateral, sales presentations and proposals

Should you require any assistance or advice regarding sales automation tools, get in touch and a PandaDoc sales enablement expert will help shape your client’s sales processes in 2017.

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