Why CRM integrations support a personalized sales process

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Why CRM integrations support a personalized sales process

Sales Teams are under increasing demand to supply their customers with a personalized sales process tailored to every customer’s unique needs and challenges. In an attempt to provide this, sales reps are spending only a third of their time selling, with the remainder being spent on creating and finding the right type of personalized content to close their sales.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons behind the demand for personalization and how CRM integration will provide customers with the content they’re looking for.

The Factors Driving The Demand For Personalization

  • The Millennial Buyer: The millennial generation makes up the largest buying force in the world with an annual buying power in America of $200 billion. They are the driving force behind the demand for personalization and are not interested in mass-market messaging. Instead, 33% of millennials rely mostly on blogs before they make a purchase, compared to fewer than 3% who use TV news, magazines and books. They are looking for whitepapers, e-books and other authentic content that demonstrates expertise and thought leadership before they commit to a sale.
  • Personalization Pays: Studies have shown that in the majority of cases, the return on investment of implementing personalization is positive. The recently released Publish or Perish analysis of 380 CMOs by Forbes found that marketers and sales teams that deliver personalized web experiences are getting double-digit returns in marketing performance and response. Leads who are nurtured with personalized content produce a 20% increase in sales opportunities. In addition, leaders in personalization are winding up 26% more profitable overall than those who don’t implement it.
  • Implementation Costs Are Low: Digital marketing technology has made implementing personalization an easy process by offering personalization functionality as well as the data and the analysis necessary to drive personalization at key points in the sales funnel.

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Despite the demand for a personalized sales process, sales teams are finding it challenging to find the right personalized content. In a 2016 CSO Insights Sales Enablement Optimization Study, out of the 375 enterprise firms researched, 64% said they didn’t have a sales enablement content management solution in place.In order to be effective and productive, sales teams need a simple, integrated document management system that delivers personalized content, according to each buyer’s unique situation and stage in the buying cycle.

The Importance of CRM Integration And Analytics

To create the right type of personalized content, sales teams need a complete 360-degree view of the customer. Customer data has become crucial to sales teams and siloed CRM and sales systems no longer work. Instead, a unified view of each customer needs to be created by CRM integration with sales, marketing, finance, and other key business applications. Integrated smart data can then be used to provide powerful insights that will improve the personalization process and business outcomes across both sales and marketing.

A well-designed CRM system that’s integrated into a business can handle processes efficiently and deliver the right type of personalized content. However, it requires analytics to know the right context, what time and which channel to use in order to engage the customer with the relevant, personalized content or offer. By integrating analytics into the CRM system, companies can segment their customers into natural groups that share similar characteristics and deliver a personalized sales process that:

  • Discovers customers that have traditionally been neglected
  • Optimizes the sales content based on each customer segment’s need and responses
  • Identifies high-profit potential customers to approach
  • Improves response rates by launching new personalized campaigns in the CRM system with more relevant messages
  • Enhances the personalized sales process by analyzing customers’ behaviors, content and channel preferences

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In order for sales teams to be effective, they need a simple integrated, personalized content management process that manages sales content from start to finish. PandaDoc’s single platform provides an all-in-one solution that has helped clients increase productivity by up to 800% and increased close rates by 30%

The PandaDoc Partner Program is a sales partner program that helps CRM Resellers go-to-market with sales content management integrations that have a measurable impact on their clients’ sales content and productivity. Should you require any assistance or advice regarding existing or future solutions offered to clients, contact us and a PandaDoc sales enablement expert will be in touch.

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