What to look out for in a top sales software program

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What to look out for in a top sales software program

One of the biggest challenges sales teams face is creating relevant content for their millennial audience. The need for authentic, personalized content takes time and has lead to sales reps only spending 32% of their time actually selling. The remainder of their time is spent on admin tasks like updating CRM and looking for and creating content.

To solve this challenge and improve sales productivity, companies need a sales software program to support the growing need for this type of content. Here are some ways having a sales enablement program will help your sales team and grow your business.

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Facilitating Content Enablement

A sales software program that is designed to facilitate content enablement helps sales teams by analzing your content needs and having a plan to create it. The content created needs to engage prospects and hold their attention throughout the sales cycle. Services with effective content enablement should filter content for different products, target markets, and selling stages––thereby ensuring sales teams have immediate access to the templates, proposals, quotes, and contracts for each stage of the sales cycle.

Sharing Content Online

Sales software programs that facilitate content sharing on social media help build brand awareness, position the business as a trusted thought leader in the industry, and tap directly into the growing trend of social selling. The success of this trend is confirmed by statistics, which report that 78% of salespeople using social media to share content outperform their peers.

Easy Data Handling

Your sales software program should allow the easy sharing and importing of data, and simplify document creation with up-to-date data. This will go a long way towards building credible relationships with prospects and closing deals. The success of this is clear, with statistics showing that leads nurtured with personalized content produce a 20% increase in sales opportunities. In addition, sales teams who use personalization are 26% more profitable overall compared with those who don’t.

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Analytics And Reporting

Integrated analytics add value by showing you how customers and prospects are engaging with your brand. A recent study by DataMeer found integrated customer analytics dominate big data use in sales and marketing departments, enabling sales teams to focus their sales on prospects who are most likely to respond. They can also use analytics to segment their target market and messaging to approach prospects with content that’s most relevant to them. They can even use the data to estimate which prospects are most likely to become customers.

A sales software program that generates reports based on analytics allows sales teams to track the success of their content, seeing which content receives the most engagement and delivers the best results. Conversely, these reports can be used to highlight customers who are being neglected, and content that isn’t assisting the sales process.

Integrations And Support

For companies to sell efficiently and improve sales productivity, they need a streamlined content management system that manages the sales process from start to finish. PandaDoc is a sales software program that provides this with an all-in-one solution that has helped companies across the globe simplify their document process and increase close rates by up to 75%.

The PandaDoc Partner Program offers partners a high level of support, which includes determining how sales content and tools fit into your current service offering. We help you evaluate client opportunities and position your sales enablement service to meet the biggest market challenges to sales productivity.

Schedule a 20-minute conversation with a PandaDoc partner solution specialist to learn more about our sales content management process, CRM integrations, and partner program.

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