PandaDoc now offers ACH payments via extended Stripe partnership

Bethany Fagan Bethany Fagan
PandaDoc now offers ACH payments via extended Stripe partnership

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve extended our partnership with Stripe. We’re bringing additional payment options to our PandaDoc customers, improving the way organizations process payments for quotes, proposals, and contracts.

 In addition to processing credit card payments via our Stripe integration, customers will now also be able to collect ACH payments. Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments have a huge benefit as they are the lowest cost transaction for our PandaDoc customers.

The ACH method will be collected the same way you would collect a credit card payment today. Once a recipient signs a document, and the payment block is enabled in the document, a popup will appear for the user to select whether they’d like to pay via credit card or an ACH payment. 

Collecting ACH payments

1. ACH is available via our Stripe Integration. Enable the Stripe Integration in your workspace.


2. Provide the ACH payment option to your clients by selecting it within the document. You can also set ACH as a default option.ACH_Blog_2.jpg

3. Clients will need to choose how to verify their account for payments. They can choose an automated option offered by Plaid, or manual verification. Once the verification is complete clients will be able to submit payment.

ach-4 (1).gif

4. ACH verification and payment processing can take a few days. PandaDoc includes document statuses for stages of ACH processing so companies are able to predict when funds will be made available.

Our very own Mikita Mikado is thrilled at the opportunity the expanded Stripe partnership brings to our customers. “Adding Automated Clearing House payments via Stripe will give our customers a superior experience by enabling low-cost, instant payments and an error-free contract-to-payment process,” said Mikado.

 Stripe couldn’t agree more. “We’re excited to work closely with PandaDoc to make it possible for organizations to quickly and easily accept payments of all types, including now ACH transfers,” said Cristina Cordova, Head of Business Development at Stripe.

 To learn more about the PandaDoc and Stripe integration, read more here.

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