PandaDoc helps kiosk ease growing pains

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PandaDoc helps kiosk ease growing pains
In constant pursuit to discover what makes businesses tick, San Francisco-based marketing agency Kiosk came to PandaDoc for support during a growth spurt. They were searching for a way to streamline their document process and become more efficient. 
Kiosk, a full-service marketing agency based in San Francisco, was receiving constant calls from clients and needed a  solution with the ability to easily track documents. PandaDoc fit right in as a complete document solution that operated similarly to their team: both Kiosk and PandaDoc utilize data to analyze client behavior.
Munir Haddad, Kiosk's founder and CEO, found PandaDoc through their CRM, Capsule, one of our


  • The dashboard for tracking contracts
  • The e-signing process is one of the features that was a "shining moment"
  • Customizable templates for contracts, proposals and legal documents


One of the most frustrating pain points for a company is when leaders find inefficiency they don't yet know how to resolve. That's exactly what Kiosk was experiencing. The team was exploding with business, but low on time. The team was creating documents and contracts by hand, and managing them with apps like Box and Google Docs. They were also emailing contracts, which would then need to be printed, signed and scanned to complete the signing process. In a fast-paced environment, they felt at risk of losing documents without an all-in-one document management solution. “We were trying to avoid those surprise moments when you realize something has been sitting on your desk you haven't gotten to yet," Haddad explained.


Within six months of using PandaDoc, Kiosk has crafted more than 100 documents. Not only has the team saved what feels like hundreds of hours already, Haddad also notes he's most thrilled about the peace of mind he has in operating more efficiently for Kiosk's clients. Here are three things we helped them improve:
  • The team saves hours each time they create a document.
  • CRM integration makes the document management process more efficient.
  • Kiosk is now able to be as responsive as possible for their clients.
“Benefits like peace of mind don't necessarily hold monetary value, however, operating effectively each day helps relieve additional stress from the team, making everyone happier and healthier," Haddad said.


  Because Kiosk has
accelerated its communication with customers, they've noticed a
significant increase in customer satisfaction. Using the dashboard to track documents allows the team to respond to clients promptly and experience a smoother workflow. This, plus reduced hours in their sales cycle, has Kiosk excited about the future. With PandaDoc's help, the Kiosk team has the following goals:
  • Continued growth
    • Helping clients' businesses continue to grow
    • Being more efficient for clients

“We are looking forward to bringing on new clients and continuing our new process as we grow," Haddad said.

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