How PandaDoc's Partner Program helps you improve your clients’ sales productivity

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How PandaDoc's Partner Program helps you improve your clients’ sales productivity

Sales Teams are under pressure to meet revenue goals that are increasing every year with current goals being set at least 20% higher than the previous year. Sales reps are battling to meet these goals with CSO Insights reporting that sales productivity is declining and this is a nine-year trend.

One of the biggest challenges impacting sales teams is that only 32% of their sales reps’ time is spent selling, and the remainder of their time is spent on admin tasks like updating CRM and looking for and creating content. Quality content is seen as one of the key integral aspects of closing deals, but sales teams are finding it challenging to find the right content. In a 2016 CSO Insights Sales Enablement Optimization Study, out of the 375 enterprise firms researched, 64% said they didn’t have a sales enablement content management solution in place.

This creates a market opportunity for sales consultancies and CRM resellers to step into the gap to help increase their clients’ sales productivity through the implementation of an integrated sales content management process with the PandaDoc Partner Program.

PandaDoc: Streamlining Content Management And Improving Sales Productivity

The PandaDoc Partner Program help sales consultancies and CRM resellers go-to-market with sales content management integrations that have a measurable impact on their clients’ productivity, increasing it by 35% and in some cases up to 800%. PandaDoc’s single platform all-in-one solution streamlines content management and improves efficiencies by:

Creating Customized, Personalized Content

Your clients are likely to have many products and a variety of target markets  with different needs and challenges. If a prospect receives a standard sales document, which doesn’t address these, it can cause them to lose trust and walk away from the sale.

PandaDoc solves this by making personalized document assembly simple.  Sales teams can quickly select from a pre-approved set of modular sales messaging and personalize each piece of sales documentation, including educational sales content, proposals, and contracts before they go to the buyer. This speeds up the sales process and reduces the time investment needed to close each deal.

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Centralizing Quoting And Proposals

PandaDoc makes quoting infinitely easier with one central catalog for all your clients’ products and services. Quotes and proposals are branded and filled with compelling content that is completely compliant with all the legal and pricing guidelines of your client’s company. Features such as in-proposal activity logging and commenting allow sales teams to easily negotiate terms, pricing, and more with customers.

This helps to reduce closure time from weeks or months to hours or minutes. Companies like Vaimo have seen a 25% increase in global productivity by working with PandaDoc’s professional templates that ensure all their proposals and contracts sent out are accurate, professional, and consistent across all brand guidelines.

Analyzing Content Effectiveness

In order to continually improve business productivity, your clients need a detailed analysis on what content is working and helping to close deals. PandaDoc provides this, showing your clients how long prospects spend on each document section, what documents were forwarded and which were opened.

Automating Workflows For Greater Efficiency

Internal approvals can slow down sales. PandaDoc’s sales automation software allow your clients to set up clear, secure approval processes with a customizable workflow. Sales teams can collaborate more efficiently with other departments and clients. Real-time commenting allow sales teams to address client questions immediately and has been proven to increase close rates by up to 30%

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Escalate Your Clients’ Productivity With The PandaDoc Partner Program

PandaDoc offers world-class Sales Enablement Training to ensure you are giving your clients the best possible service and addressing all their sales productivity challenges. Our training teaches you how to overcome industry challenges, effectively evaluate market opportunities, and position sales enablement services.

Support Far Beyond Software Training

We offer our partners a high level of support that includes:

  • Determining how sales content tools and services fit within your current service offering
  • Helping you to evaluate client opportunities and to position your sales enablement service to meet the biggest market challenges to sales productivity
  • Providing templates to accelerate your time to market, including marketing collateral, sales presentations and proposals

For more information, have a conversation with a PandaDoc partner manager to see how our partner program can help you improve your clients’ sales productivity.

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