Case study spotlight: Riverbed

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Case study spotlight: Riverbed


Riverbed, a company often known as “San Francisco’s largest startup”, is a provider of IT products and solutions for companies who want to deploy advanced digital processes and systems to support productivity. Their professional services division helps Riverbed clients plan, build, and optimize advanced IT initiatives around the world.

With more than $1 billion in annual revenue, Riverbed is no stranger to scale. They’ve taken on and completed some of the world’s most impressive IT projects, and continue to do so on a daily basis. Their scale, complex processes, and global reach make them a powerful testing ground to answer the question many companies have- can PandaDoc work at an enterprise scale?

To find out, Riverbed has agreed to deploy PandaDoc as the exclusive digital document solution for their professional services division. Riverbed’s team will use PandaDoc to collaborate while building custom solutions for clients, create detailed sales proposals, optimize their sales cycle, and even support project execution.

PandaDoc’s customer success and product teams will be heavily involved with Riverbed’s use of the PandaDoc platform, working to provide the level of support and product customization needed to create a successful global software solution for a tech-savvy team working on critical projects worth millions of dollars.

Over the next 24 months, we will follow Riverbed’s journey with the PandaDoc platform, exploring how they use PandaDoc to reach their goals, and measuring the impact the platform has on their overall performance and efficiency.

As of today, Riverbed has fully deployed PandaDoc amongst their professional services sales team, giving them the ability to use the PandaDoc platform to create robust, detailed proposals without sacrificing time or compliance. When asked about the expectations for the sales team as a result of their use of the PandaDoc platform, Behezad Mehta, Riverbed’s Director of Professional Services, stated that they fully expect a 40% time savings during the proposal creation process.

As Riverbed digs deeper into the PandaDoc feature set and rolls the platform out in additional departments, we will chronicle their experience, providing a transparent record of their challenges, goals, and success. This journey will demonstrate the PandaDoc team’s dedication to client success, and will chronicle the benefits that PandaDoc offers today’s enterprise organizations.

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