Agency Revolution increases sales productivity over 800% with PandaDoc

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Agency Revolution increases sales productivity over 800% with PandaDoc

Agency Revolution is a marketing automation platform for insurance agencies and brokers. The company, which has been in business for 20 years, recently adopted several measures to reinvent itself and focus on sustainable growth and increased sales productivity. Agency Revolution wanted to position itself as a leader in the insurance industry; that meant taking risks and making changes to their internal processes with new technology.

In an effort to improve sales productivity and increase sales, Hayes Nelson, the Director of Sales at Agency Revolution, searched for a way to improve his team’s process for creating proposals and executing contracts.

image00“The independent insurance industry is an old-school, handshake business. We knew introducing electronic signatures to our contract process with PandaDoc would be a big change for our clients,” Nelson says. “But at the end of the day this is who we are as a company and it’s up to us to help others get up to speed.”

Nelson looked for a tool like PandaDoc for a long time. “What really stuck out to me about PandaDoc was that it’s an all-in-one tool for everything my team needs to build and send proposals quickly and efficiently.” Nelson discovered PandaDoc through the Hubspot CRM integration.  

Before PandaDoc, the Agency Revolution sales team would spend more than an hour creating proposals and sent an average of 3 or 4 proposals a week. “We’re sending quite a few more proposals each week. Now that we have PandaDoc the process is much easier and faster.” Nelson’s team also uses PandaDoc to make edits or updates to existing plans and contracts with their clients. “Making a change to an existing plan used to take hours, with PandaDoc it takes about 30 seconds.”

PandaDoc also allows Agency Revolution to:

  • Build a catalog of proposal and contract templates
  • Manage client relationships and expectations with progress reports
  • Organize partnership agreements and co-marketing strategies

Nelson described a record-breaking moment when his team sent a renewal contract and within 30 seconds received notifications that the contract was opened and signed. He compared it to a process that could take weeks to complete without PandaDoc.

“Before PandaDoc we had a lot of back and forth, with lots of moving parts just to get the solidification of a contract or agreement.” - Hayes Nelson, Director of Sales

Prior to using PandaDoc the sales team used a word processor, pdf’s, email, printers, pens, and scanners. “It was really a cumbersome process,” says Nelson. “The first step was to create a proposal in a word doc, edit it every single time, then turn it into a PDF.” Nelson describes that many of their proposals need special provisions that he approves before his sales team sends a proposal to a client. The approval process was done either via email or in-person with his team. After approval they would send the proposal. Often the clients would respond wanting revisions and then that process would start over again.

Before PandaDoc

  • Agency Revolution starts a contract in Word, export to PDF
  • Collaborate with team members and managers over email or in person
  • Get approval
  • Send it to a client
  • If the client has any edits, back to step 1!
  • Client prints, signs, scans, attaches, and emails
  • Client emails the final document to Agency Revolution

With PandaDoc

  • Create, send, and receive a signed contract in PandaDoc

“In the end of the proposal process, if the client says yes, we would send a contract. This essentially started a more complex repeat of the proposal process. Only this time it also meant our president would countersign the agreement, with both parties printing, signing, scanning, and emailing copies back and forth.”

Ultimately the reception of electronic signatures and digital contracts from Agency Revolution’s clients was “smooth as butter.” The sales team at Agency Revolution currently uses PandaDoc templates, e-signatures, and approval workflows to streamline their sales process. The increased sales productivity allows Nelson and his team to focus on growth and other initiatives.

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