5 ways to supercharge your support team

Bethany Fagan Bethany Fagan
5 ways to supercharge your support team

You already know that PandaDoc is used by sales representatives every day to deliver high-quality proposals, quotes, and contracts. But did you know that PandaDoc is also a valuable tool for support teams when combined with Zendesk?

Through the PandaDoc Zendesk integration, support teams can access the same powerful features that help sales teams close deals. 

Here are just a few of the many ways that PandaDoc and Zendesk can help support teams across any organization succeed.

Facilitate customer’s brand experiences.

We all have those customers who’ve fallen in love with our product or service and can’t get enough of us. The challenge for most organizations lies in replicating that experience for new customers to drive that same excitement and loyalty. To do that, study how your most dedicated users leverage your brand to meet their goals. Examine interactions they’ve had with your sales and support teams, and document the journey you took those customers on that made them really happy.

Using that information, you can create an “ideal customer journey” that guides every new user along a similar path. With Zendesk, you can automatically trigger certain actions based on your customers’ actions, ensuring they are guided along on your “ideal customer journey”.

Bring your sales and support teams closer together.

While Zendesk is a fantastic platform for customer service and support, it wasn’t originally built to support sales efforts. At the same time, overall customer satisfaction consistently increases as sales and support teams work together and communicate more. You facilitate collaboration between your sales and support teams by integrating the systems they use - creating a seamless cross-platform workflow that leads to more consistent and focused customer interaction.

PandaDoc makes this possible via a wealth of integrations, including powerful integrations with platforms including Capsule CRM and Zendesk. Consider setting up these system integrations within your organization to reap the rewards that a seamless sales & support software suite makes possible.

Customize your support experience.

Today’s business software tools give your sales and support teams a wealth of information that can be used to customize customer experiences. By integrating Capsule CRM (or one of our many other CRM integrations) and Zendesk with PandaDoc, you allow vital customer data to flow freely between the systems that your sales and support teams use every day.

Leveraging that data allows your support team to engage in personalized, targeted interaction with your customers. Providing these sort of experiences demonstrates that your company cares about end users, and is dedicated to their success and satisfaction. As a result, you can expect your customer satisfaction ratings to increase as customer churn and ticket resolution times decrease.

Easily handle renewals, cross-sells, and upsells.

Remember that “ideal customer experience”? Part of creating that experience model includes understanding when, how, and why your most loyal customers made additional purchases with your company. Use that information to prompt your support team to offer cross-sells and upsells at the perfect moment.

By understanding the behavior patterns that have led to successful sales by your support team in the past, you can implement a systematic approach that ensures your support staff are offering the right products and services based on customer behavior.

When it’s time to renew a subscription or contract, Zendesk users can generate customized renewal agreements using PandaDoc. Simply send them for electronic signature, and track their delivery and receipt all without leaving the support interface.

Implement an omni-channel support experience.

Your customers interact with your brand across a variety of platforms and devices, including your website, email, phone, and social media accounts. With Zendesk, you can communicate with customers on every channel from a central hub, and keep all interactions well-documented.

This centralized approach to communication will allow you to offer a seamless customer experience across all customer engagement channels.

Ready to learn more about the PandaDoc Zendesk integration? You can read more here.

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